Zimbabwe Partner NGO Receives USAid Grant

April 8, 2015

CCAE News » Zimbabwe Partner NGO Receives USAid Grant

Renewed Hope was excited to learn late in March, that its NGO in Zimbabwe had received a large  grant from USAid for the expansion of its poultry project.  The poultry project is a key income-generation activity which Renewed Hope began several years ago.

The overall goal is to have Renewed Hope’s large orphan care center (over 1000 orphans) become self-sufficient through the poultry project and several other agricultural endeavors.  The poultry project building was extended in early 2015 so that 4000 chicks can be raised within this one building.

Renewed Hope's poultry project building in Zimbabwe

Renewed Hope’s poultry project in Zimbabwe will help their Orphan Care Center become self-sustaining.

Chicks in Zimbabwe poultry project building.

Some of the over 4000 baby chicks in Renewed Hope’s poultry building in Zimbabwe.