What we do

CCAE desires to create holistic and sustainable projects in the communities we work with. We realize that communities need help in more than just a single area.

Health &

CCAE strives to maximize its efforts with its emphasis on holistic needs of communities. If health needs are not addressed, all other efforts become more difficult.
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Learning & Education
Education is often the prime starting point for change in a community. Most CCAE members are involved in some way with education in their respective communities.
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Water & Sanitation
Water is often the key need before beginning any other project in a particular village. Without water, most other efforts are stymied.

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Income Generation
Income generation efforts include craft marketing, agricultural endeavors, individual businesses, larger group projects and access to credit.

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Our Goals

CCAE desires to build and expand upon its members successes. We are focused on helping provide needed resources, especially money, but in addition donation of goods and supplies to specific member projects concerning disadvantaged and marginalized African families and other vulnerable children.

We are unique in that our members collectively provide many months of on-site supervision and oversite of our projects to ensure that all funds are properly expended.

Areas of Focus

CCAE’s liaisons in our targeted communities are focused on projects that:

  • Expand and/or upgrade education
  • Provide some form of potable water
  • Provide sanitation education and/or sanitation facilities
  • Promote and enhance better health and nutrition
  • Promote income generation projects including micro-credit access
  • Increase and improve agriculture efforts and methods